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Impressions From Summer 2016

From the balcony of the lighthouse, small and large tents are found isolated in the dune valleys. A few people walk around, drag carts across the sandways, volley balls and tennis rings fly in the distance, children play football. The sea is wide as almost everywhere on Amrum.

But in the dunes of this campsite it is particularly lively in the main season and there is an active community life.

In the cool and quiet time of the pre-season, in which the nature of spring prevails, the guests gather together. The highlight is the construction of the common tent with food for all helpers, of course cooked in the tent.

From mid-July it becomes more lively in the site. Many families arrive, the activities become more diverse.

As the highlight of the summer, the ASN invites to the summer festival at the end of July. The common tent is transformed into a pavilion with floral decorations and white tablecloths, beer and wine bar.

The delicious dinner goes over into traditional song singing. The last guests left the party not before the early morning.

In the following weeks, of course, there are many other actions, where everyone can find their interests. Sports and nature conservation are found in many activities. The skills of the guests and the fun of doing something together determine campsite life.

From the middle of August on life becomes calmer on the site, and everyone looks forward to the next year.

Eva v. Zobeltitz

FKK-Zeltplatz Amrum

Inselstraße 127
D-25946 Wittdün
Tel. +49 4682 968155

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