FKK-Zeltplatz Amrum • Inselstraße 127 • 25946 Wittdün • Tel.: 04682 9681555


Price per night (in €) VS 15.4. – 15.6. HS 16.6. – 15.9.
Tent smaller than 4 sqm 5,00 7,00
Tent bigger als 4 sqm 7,00 10,00
Childrens’ tent 3,00 4,50
Empty tent 7,00 10,00
Adults 5,00 10,00
Adults up to 26 years in education, studies, FSJ 4,50 7,50
Children 2-14 years 1,50 3,50
Youth 15-17 years 4,00 5,00
Personal longterm ticket (in €)
1st person 1110,00
2nd person 370,00
Children up to 17 years 120,00
Guests using the tent of long-term cardholders in their absence will pay 50% of the tent fee in addition to the personal accommodation fee.
Other fees
Guests who are not members of the ASN, in another FKK club or the DFK will be charged an extra charge of € 3.00 per adult and € 1.00 for children and young people.
On behalf of the municipality of Wittdün, the cure tax is levied.

A reservation for a specific date is not possible. In the summer of 2018, for the first time due to the extremely warm weather the campground was overcrowded, so we had to lock it for a short time for new arriving non-members to accommodate the arriving members. If an overcrowding of the place should take place, we will announce this on the homepage at the latest two weeks before a blocking for non-members. Members will receive a campground in any case. From the announcement of a place blocking until the end of the blocking there is a membership admission stop. DFK members who have been admitted to the DFK during this period will be treated as non-members during the closure. “

Last update: 2019

FKK-Zeltplatz Amrum

Inselstraße 127
D-25946 Wittdün
Tel. +49 4682 968155

Amrumer Sport- und Naturistenverein e.V.
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